unfortunately, due to COVID regulations regarding travel and events of the dutch government and other countries around the world, we’re sadly announcing that we cannot do our physical hooked gathering event in amsterdam. all trickers are precious, we don’t want any of you getting sick! 

however, we've also got a few tricks up our sleeve! Please subscribe to our newsletter if you haven’t already to stay updated on our plan for Hooked Gathering 2.0.

already bought a ticket for hooked gathering 2020? 

1. we can reimburse you your money


2. keep your ticket tight until next year for hooked gathering 2021! (secretly the better deal because we’ve got to up our prices in 2021 a little bit because of inflation, but don’t let the others know!) 

Send us your preferred option to hello@hookedgathering.com along with the name and e-mail used for purchasing the tickets!

more information will be coming your way soon.  

stay tuned, stay safe & stay hooked!

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