hi there. we are danny and laurent from hooked gathering. we think tricking is fun and so we started a tricking gathering five years ago. together with our team we try to make this crazy tricking event in amsterdam bigger and better every year. we do so with the sickest line-up of guests, a shit ton of hype and loads of side activities and more. 

here is our crazy flippin’ team:

danny 'drone' kenniphaas

tall blonde dutch guy. hooked og and also likes drones. does the video/photo production, licenses and venue of hooked. has a cute baby

laurent 'long legs' arrabito

french speaking sicilian guy. likes dad jokes and 80’s aerobics. is a hooked og and arranges merch, guests, socials & website. has a cute cat peppie

charlotte 'charly money' tol

Likes to have weird colors in her hair. Likes beer and big dogs. does finances, insurances and overall organization stuff. Also has a cute cat peppie but also wants a dog and a goat and a hamster. 

david 'secretly likes tricking more than freerunning' clemens

super super dutch guy with hat on and hooked hoodie. has broken a bone in his hand while hitting a drum during the last few hours of hooked 2018. works on logistics and volunteers. relationship status: looking for hot action. 

so if you need a hug or a smile, holla at the team!  

join us on our next event: hooked 2020!

and if you're into tricking follow all our other stuff as well!